Why Refer Personal Injury Cases

Rozen, Rozen & Reilly take great pride in their relationships with other members of the Bar.  Partnerships and co-counsel with other attorneys provides great value for a client and their case.  We also recognize that as attorneys we are always perfecting our practice and take every opportunity to learn from other great lawyers as well as in sharing our experience with others.  With a practice that began in 1979, we appreciate the comradery and knowledge to be gained from working with other great attorneys in our community.  We take our colleague relationships seriously.  Consider calling us to work with your family, friend or colleague on any matter. If we aren’t the right fit, we will work with you to make sure to find the right team.

“On any given week, we often spend hours of our time discussing an individual referral or referral from another attorney just to ensure the client is treated well and ends up with the right help.  We both naturally want to help people and are willing to give our time in order to help those that may not have the same knowledge and resources.  We enjoy the public service and learn from each experience.” – Adam Rozen

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