The legal experience of Rozen, Rozen & Reilly began in 1979 in the courtroom in Cobb County, Georgia. Since then, Rozen, Rozen & Reilly has handled a wide variety of legal matters for its clients with care, precision and strength. Cobb County and the Metro Atlanta area changed a lot in the past forty years but our passion for the legal profession is constant.

Rozen, Rozen & Reilly provides daily counsel to those struggling with how to respond to a criminal charge, are injured due to the negligence of another or are engaging in a real estate or business venture. We are proud to offer a full range of legal services while devoting ourselves to being the most prepared and treating our clients with respect.

If we don’t feel we are the most appropriate team to handle your legal matter, we will devote our time to ensuring that you find the right legal representative. We understand the difficulty of seeking legal guidance and want to be the first person you call. We look forward to helping with all your legal needs.


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